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Racquet Club in Palmetto, FL

Young married couple playing tennis in white sportwear on the tennis court outside in the summerFlorida has some of the world’s best conditions for playing tennis, and if you love tennis, you are going to love to play at our racquet club in Palmetto, FL. Terra Ceia Bay Country Club is proud to feature three HAR-TRU tennis courts so you can enjoy the thrill of a great volley any day of the week.

What are HAR-TRU courts? Also known as clay courts, they are composed of crushed stone that brings several advantageous playing characteristics when you go to play your tennis match.

The HAR-TRU courts at our country club feature a granular surface that acts as a shock-absorbing cushion. This allows for a consistently slower tennis ball bounce than other surfaces. This results in longer rallies, a greater variety of strokes, and a more controlled game. These courts also provide a surface that helps protect your joints from jarring, shock, and potential injury.


Our Pickleball courts are up and open for use, to book a time please go to TCBPickleball.skedda.com. These courts are to be built adjacent to the HAR-TRU courts. We are beginning to build leagues if you are interested in starting a league please contact our pro shop.


Table Tennis

Ping Pong tables are available to play on in the clubhouse.

Tennis Fees

There will be a separate membership for each game as well as an all-under-one umbrella option when the buildout is completed. For now, tennis membership rates are posted below.

The fees quoted are for each adult (18 years and older). Up to two children less than 18 years of age may use the facilities for free provided they are accompanied at all times by a fee-paying adult.

Single/Couple/FamilyFemale Tennis Coach Giving Lesson To Girl

  • Daily (90 Minutes) – 7.50
  • 6 Months (90 Minutes Per Day) – $175 Single / $300 Couple / $400 Family
  • Yearly (90 Minutes Per Day) – $300 Single / $450 Couple / $550 Family

*Play Subject to Reservations and/or Court Maintenance

Contact us to learn more about the costs of becoming members of our racquet club in Palmetto, Florida.  (941) 932-6089