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Play Golf in Palmetto, FL

The Golf Academy at Terra Ceia Country Club features two master teaching professionals ready to help you play golf in Palmetto, FL. Director of Instruction Jacques Panet-Raymond is well-known for his expertise in assessing swing flaws, causes, corrections, and training procedures to take your game to the next level. Not only can you get the golf clubs, putters, balls, and cart you need at our club, but also the training you need to excel at the game.

Whether you are a raw beginner and have never played before or you’re a Tour Player, Jacques has the experience working with players of every ability level to properly teach and guide you in a way that you will understand. His fees are the same whether you are on the course in a playing lesson or utilizing his video analysis services. Improve your golf game at our country club.

Terra Ceia Bay Golf Academy – Junior Programs, Clinics, Private Lessons, Playing Lessons, Video Analysis - $125 per Hour or 50% off for a Series of Eight Lessons.


Hole # 1 The Starter

This hole has a short carry off the tee over a pond to a mounded Fairway with OB far left and way right.   A short iron approach to a narrow green breaking from left to right.  No surprises and a welcoming starting hole.


Hole # 2 Carter's Revenge

This 154-yard part 3 requires an accurate tee shot to a sloped green which requires a higher shot to carry the water and bunker fronting this green. A par here is a good score!


Hole # 3 The Lakeside

This par four features a bending Water's Edge on the left and out of bounds right with an approach to the flattest green on the course.


Hole # 4 The Gauntlet

This slight dog leg left may be the toughest Challenge on the course. It requires an accurate tee shot over water while avoiding a large Oak tree on the left side of the fairway and out of bounds right.  A beautiful Lake on the left and eagles soaring above easily distract you from the narrow Fairway  and makes the tight tee shot key here.


Hole # 5 Twin Towers

This tricky par 4 requires an accurate lay up off the tee between 180 to 200 yards that must land between two Towering Oaks and staying short of the water hazard fronting the difficult green.  A short iron into a shallow green provides a birdie opportunity from a well placed tee ball.


Hole # 6 Gazebo

This Par 3 can measure up to 185 yards with a demand carry just short of the green. The gazebo offers a pretty backdrop to this monster which typically has to negotiate tricky winds, greenside mounding and severe slope on the back left portion of the green.  Missing left is a no-no.


Hole # 7 OB Alley

This 195 yard Par 3 is tight with Out of Bounds on both sides, and a severe green sloping right to left. Oh..and the wind is predominantly in your face.


Hole # 8 Guaranteed Skin

This 205 yard Par 3 demands a solidly struck tee shot to carry the water close to the green. With OB long, trees right and sand left there isn't much room for error.  A pretty hole and a guaranteed skin with a birdie!


Hole # 9 Risk Reward

This drivable Par 4 offers an opportunity to putt for an eagle but a ball long or right is out of bounds and a ball short presents a long bunker shot.  Your smartest play is left off the tee which opens the hole up for a short iron or wedge into a domed green making it difficult to get it close.


Hole # 10 Road Hole

Another difficult Par 3 to a small green. OB left and the road right require an accurate shot with height to hold this tiny green.


Hole # 11 The Bay Hole

This Par 3 over water is the shortest hole on the course at 105 yards.   A high approach needs to negotiate the winds above the Mangroves on the edge of the Bay.  Great opportunity to make birdie here but a ball long or short is going to find the hazards surrounding this gem.


Hole # 12 Stumpy's Stamp

This Par 4 requires an accurate tee ball and approach to the smallest green on the course.  Hazard left and OB right present options off the tee.    Our resident 11 ft. gator named "Stumpy" may be sunning himself on the banks so beware.  He is not a prop!


Hole # 13 The Creek

A medium length Par 3 of 150 yards over a creek that offers difficulty with a small elevated green and OB left and long.  The winds wreak havoc here especially when your ball gets above the tree line.  Any shot on the green offers a good birdie putt.


Hole # 14 Mounds

A tight Par 3 with mounds in front, a soft apron, and a sneaky quick green. OB creeps up on both sides so keep it straight!


Hole # 15 The Oak

A huge Oak Tree seems out of place as an obstacle but adds significant challenge to this short dogleg right..Big hitters can go after the green but bring OB into play on the driving range. It's best to play smart here and take enough loft to get your drive into play.  The green is shallow front to back but relatively flat.  The grain runs away from you so expect the ball to release upon your approach and pay attention to it once your on the green!


Hole # 16 Pool Side

A lengthy Par 3 of 236 yards where the back tees are usually shortened to 170. This hole has water, OB, mounds, a small narrow green, and plays into the prevailing wind off of the Bay.  The back tees are seldom used as it's simply a MONSTER from there!


Hole # 17 Tear Drop

This short Par 3 offers a Tear Drop shaped green making it difficult to get it close on a back pin!


Hole # 18 Homeward

This short par-4 offers risk-reward with water right and out of bounds left. Great opportunity to finish your round with a birdie!

PGA Master Professional: Jacques Panet-Raymond

Jacques is a 25-year member of the PGA and has acquired the highest status (Top 1.5%) among his peers as one of the few Certified Master Professionals in the world. His ability to immediately assess, diagnose, and prescribe corrections is evident within minutes of your first lesson.

Jacques has trained with several of the top instructors in the world, including Harmon, Leadbetter, Haney, and McLain, to name a few. He is a Top 50 Teacher for Kids and has been a three-time recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award. He is an Advisory Member for SNAG Golf and was teaching in schools five years before the PGA came out with their Golf in Schools Program, which he consulted on.

As a former player, Jacques has qualified and played in the National CPC three time, and has won 23 PGA-sanctioned events, including the Sankaty Head Invitational in 2004. It is rare when you can find a quality instructor who has the ability to play the game at a high level.  Jacques has also written several articles for magazines and has been featured in 63 instructional segments on TV.

*Scholarships Available as well as Discounts for All Club Members, Residents, & Guests (Up to 40% Off)

Junior Golf

Private lessons ($75) or clinics ($20-40) are based on a scale for different ages, groups sizes, and abilities.

Operation 36

Terra Ceia is the first and only site in Florida to utilize this innovative junior program. This is an 8-week session ($425) designed to get the kids on the course and scoring. Any junior starts from 25 yards from the hole and once they shoot 36 for 9 holes they back up to 50, 100, 150, 200, and then regular tees. These kids learn early on the importance of short game and scoring while also gaining an understanding of the pressure of an eagle or birdie putt.

This creates a fun environment for the kids as they participate in three affordable sessions per week for eight weeks. One day for instruction, one day for supervised practice, and one day on the course attempting to qualify. Small classes and varying tee lengths ensure that no one is held back from their scoring potential.

Christian Junior Golf Academy

Any junior can attend knowing that character, morals, and Christian values will be shared at any time.  This has morphed into our Junior summer program and limited in size.  All candidates are subject to review.  Call Jacques for more information and registration procedures at (941) 932-6090.

Contact us to start enjoying the great game of golf on our amazing course in Palmetto, Florida.